12 Months to $1 Million - Ryan Daniel Moran

12 Months to $1 Million

By Ryan Daniel Moran

  • Release Date: 2020-05-05
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Score: 4.5
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This is the road map to a seven-figure business . . . in one year or less

The word “entrepreneur” is today’s favorite buzzword, and any aspiring business owner has likely encountered an overwhelming number of so-called “easy paths to success.” 

The truth is that building a real, profitable, sustainable business requires thousands of hours of commitment, grit, and hard work. It’s no wonder why more than half of new businesses close within six years of opening, and fewer than 5 percent will ever earn more than $1 million annually. 12 Months to $1 Million condenses the startup phase into one fast-paced year that has helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs hit the million-dollar level by using an exclusive and foolproof formula. 

By cutting out the noise and providing a clear and proven plan, this roadmap helps even brand-new entrepreneurs make decisions quickly, get their product up for sale, and launch it to a crowd that is ready and waiting to buy. 

This one-year plan will guide you through the three stages to your first $1 million:
The Grind (Months 0-4): This step-by-step plan will help you identify a winning product idea, target customers that are guaranteed to buy, secure funding, and take your first sale within your first four months.  The Growth (Months 5 - 8): Once you’re in business, you will discover how to use cheap and effective advertising strategies to get your product to at least 25 sales per day, so you can prove you have a profitable business.  The Gold (Months 9-12): It’s time to establish series of products available for sale, until you are averaging at least 100 sales per day, getting you closer to the million-dollar mark every single day.
Through his training sessions at Capitalism.com, Ryan Daniel Moran has helped new and experienced entrepreneurs launch scalable and sustainable online businesses. He’s seen more than 100 entrepreneurs cross the seven-figure barrier, many of whom go on to sell their businesses. 

If your goal is to be a full-time entrepreneur, get ready for one chaotic, stressful, and rewarding year. If you have the guts to complete it, you will be the proud owner of a million-dollar business and be in a position to call your own shots for life.


  • Great read

    By MeanieBeanie12
    Read this in 3 days....I’ve been listening to Ryan for over 5 years now and this book was awesome. It breaks down the the steps needed in order to start and execute a successful business. It’s a book I would recommend to anyone looking for direction on where to start.
  • Inspiration by its simplicity!

    By Shakka04
    If you’re like me and you’ve been struggling to get things into action. This book breaks down an exact step by step process to build a real business with actionable steps that help you along your journey. As I read it, I was inspired by the fact that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Find “your person”, learn how you can serve that person, deliver your promise (product/service) = A real business that genuinely adds value to its community/people. The byproduct being wealth and satisfaction that you’ve created something real in this world that can genuinely impact real lives. Now that’s a business model I can get behind!! “Decisions mean that you are moving forward, and you are choosing what to bring forward.”... “you have to choose something to create progress.” Thank you Ryan for breaking it down and making it easy to see how I need to get out of my own way, stop overthinking it and get moving!