The China Connection - Thomas Anthony

The China Connection

By Thomas Anthony

  • Release Date: 2015-01-06
  • Genre: Contemporary


Tony an successful plumber, and a poet as a hobby and Karen his wife is a top class A @ E nurse with two children where once the idea happy family. But the once happy fulfilling marriage falters foe various reasons and finally crushed by Tony's indiscretions with a prostitute . Now both in a single status, searching for true love, the a desire to have some sort of life that would bring happiness. However Tony had demons to overcome like the fear of loneness , and the emotional fall out from his troubled childhood . His desire for sex leads him to numerous sexual enconters along with the life problems he has to cope with. From an accident John an electrician performs comes a friendship between the two. And an invite to dinner from John changes Tony's life forever due to the meeting with John's beautiful Chinese wife. A trip to China to meet a Chinese woman is less than successful . His desire to find true love persists and the fascination of China leads him to search for another Chinese woman to love. The question remains will he be forever engage in sexual adventures or will he eventually find true love?. For Karen devastated by Tony's indiscretions is determined to find true love again, a true love she once had with Tony. Her first affair ends in disaster , the second affair which had so much love between her and the man she was to marry, ends in tragic circumstances. Her strength of character enables her to overcome some personal problems including cancer, which at times seem insurmountable But will her wish to find true love ever happen or will it be a single life forever.?