Moon and Woman: The Secret Feminine Codes and Cycles - Sofia Sundari

Moon and Woman: The Secret Feminine Codes and Cycles

By Sofia Sundari

  • Release Date: 2021-04-05
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 3
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In this e-book I am sharing knowledge that will completely shift the way you perceive your body and your femininity. That was exactly what happened to me when I first started tapping into the real meaning of being a Woman. 
Until today I keep being in awe of intelligence of the feminine body and in this book I will share with you a map that will help you become even more connected to your vessel.

This little book is an amazing tool for you in case you experience any of the following:
• Frequently feeling tired
• Low energy and sexual desire
• Hormonal imbalance
• Irregular periods
• Difficulty conceiving a child naturally
• Experience of unwanted pregnancies
• Intense premenstrual syndrome
• Very long and painful periods
• Not feeling feminine
• Feeling disconnected from your body

It takes courage to want to fully embrace our femininity. It takes courage to make the choice to reconnect with ourselves, to honor ourselves, and to celebrate ourselves as sexual beings. It takes courage to investigate subjects that have been taboos in our society. There is a long-standing and deeply-rooted taboo around the subject of sexuality and menstruation.

We've gotten so used to not talking about it, we just sort of accept it and keep silence. Silence around a subject suggests there is something 'wrong' or 'shameful' about it. Imagine that most women and girls live their life thinking that a fundamental part of being female is shameful. This stops them to want to know, discover and protect their body.

See you on the pages of this book!


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