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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Practice Paper 2

By Tech Interviews

  • Release Date: 2021-09-22
  • Genre: Network


This workbook contains extensive set of 65 questions, answers and its detailed explanation on different AWS services that can help clear your understanding on the AWS services as well as help you in analysing where you stand before certification exam or any interview. This practice paper is mainly intended to cater people who will be going with AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

All questions provided in this book matches level of questions being asked AWS Certification exam. It's always suggested that you attempt all questions first and then have a look at the answer and its explanation. Also, it is good to keep timer on while attempting this practice paper. You shouldn't take more than 90 minutes because that's the maximum time you get in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

The motto behind writing this book is to provide the practitioners a crisp yet extensive and complete set of questions asked in certification exam. I've provided clear explanation with question and answers to make concepts clear. After going through this book, you will have clarity on the services, architectures and solutions of AWS.

This book is not only for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam but also for those who are interested in some brief of AWS. We understand the need of good and quick technology knowledge for our jobs and also for interviews.  I hope you will like this book which will inspire us to publish more helpful books for you.