The Bloomsbury Italian Philosophy Reader - David Rose & Michael Lewis

The Bloomsbury Italian Philosophy Reader

By David Rose & Michael Lewis

  • Release Date: 2022-06-02
  • Genre: Philosophy


Italian philosophy constitutes one of the most vibrant and fruitful areas in contemporary thought, bringing extraordinary novelty to some of the oldest tropes, from human nature to the relation between political power and life, the thinking of actuality and potential, and the nature of work and labour.

This reader includes texts by the most renowned thinkers, from Dante and Machiavelli to Giorgio Agamben, Antonio Negri, and Roberto Esposito, all of which are introduced by an expert on the particular thinker, and situated within the context of their work as a whole.

The Bloomsbury Italian Philosophy Reader provides a unique resource for students and scholars alike, covering the history of Italian thought to the present day.