The Jon Gordon Power of Positivity, E-Book Collection - Jon Gordon

The Jon Gordon Power of Positivity, E-Book Collection

By Jon Gordon

  • Release Date: 2020-05-05
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


We all need more positivity in our lives—now more than ever! Five of bestselling author Jon Gordon’s most powerful and timely books.

Bestselling author and acclaimed speaker Jon Gordon is passionate about developing great leaders and high-performing teams. Celebrated for his engaging storytelling, invaluable insights, and proven real-world strategies, Gordon has helped millions of people around the world infuse positivity into every part of their personal and professional lives. His simple yet powerful books provide time-tested wisdom and practical guidance for overcoming challenges, achieving superior results, and bringing out the absolute best in yourself—and in everyone around you.

The Jon Gordon Power of Positivity E-Book Collection brings together five of the author’s most compelling books about harnessing the power of positivity in work, at home, and in all you do. This must-have collection includes:

The Energy Bus, the beloved international bestseller that reveals the ten secrets for turning negative energy into positivity and achievement, featuring an actionable plan for becoming a great leader and overcoming common life and work obstacles.

The Shark and the Goldfish, a business fable that strengthens the courage and confidence you need to overcome fear and uncertainty in difficult economic times—and thrive! Features charming illustrations and an action plan filled with practical tips and proven strategies.

The Positive Dog, a delightful story that shows you that we all have two dogs inside of us: one is positive, the other is negative. Learn how feeding your positive dog also nourishes those around you—to everyone’s immense benefit!

The Power of Positive Leadership, a practical framework based on Jon Gordon’s research on positive leaders throughout history, and his work with those who have transformed their organizations, won national championships, and are currently making positive change in the world.

Stay Positive, a unique collection of inspirational quotes and messages, co-written by Gordon’s friend and colleague Daniel Decker. Your daily resource for encouragement, creating positivity in your life, and motivating others at work and home.

The principles and strategies at the core of The Jon Gordon Power of Positivity E-Book Collection have driven great success for thousands of top-level leaders at Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, the NFL and NBA, and numerous colleges and universities. Packed with motivational stories, meaningful insights, and effective strategies, this collection is the ideal resource for anyone seeking to fill their work and personal life with positivity, purpose, and achievement.

*Note: Due to its unique format, Stay Positive may display differently on eReaders than the rest of the collection. For the best reading experience, decrease the font size on your eReader.