Meridian - David Rose


By David Rose

  • Release Date: 2015-04-15
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


MERIDIAN A Day in the Life with Incidental Voices reveals the inner monologue of a successful contemporary architect. Following threads and snapshots of the world he sees around him, it builds a discourse on modern life, a distillation of the demotic and the demonic. It is ‘heteroglossia’ which pulls none of its punches. MERIDIAN is as comfortable delivering a disquisition on the semiotics of architectural absence as it is relaying the hilarious dialogue between the builders of the conservatory next door. MERIDIAN is not like other novels. It is truly, not glibly, multi-layered and in its post-post-modern concerns asks much of its readers and by extension of the literary forms available to the writer in the 21st century. In a literary landscape of conformity and ardent replication, MERIDIAN is undoubtedly and confidently ‘stand alone.’ It also manages to be a lot of fun. 

 MERIDIAN is that richest of literature pleasures, a book that teaches us to read as we read it. Steve Himmer, author of THE BEE-LOUD GLADE (Atticus, 2011) 

A Hidden treasure of  the British short story who plays Kafkaesque games of alienation with the reader M John Harrison in the Guardian December 2013. 

David Rose was born in 1949 and spent his working life in the Post Office. His debut story was published by Auberon Waugh in The Literary Review and since then over 40 of his short stories have appeared in small presses globally.  His intelligent, taught, supremely crafted work has garnered a huge following with readers and other writers. His first novel Vault-An anti-novel, was published to great critical acclaim by Salt in 2011.  This important and entertaining postmodern work featured a returning war-hero 
and amateur cyclist who struggles to correct a novel being written about his exploits. His first collection of short stories Posthumous Stories was also published by Salt in 2013.
 “His fictions are genius.”